Beausoleil - A Perfect Escape for Couples

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Welcome to Beausoleil

Beausoleil is a beautiful 3-star bed and breakfast in Bonnievale, Breede River Valley that is an idyllic getaway full of romance and charm. The area is breathtaking by itself with its rolling hills of lush vineyards in front of staggering rows of the majestic Langeberg Mountains.
The one of a kind Cape Dutch House is softly nestled by the serene Breed River as if the natural elements grew up and around it, each piece in its own special place. The central location is an ideal starting point for day trips to the Western Cape attractions, as well as a great place to stay for rest and relaxation. When you stay at Beausoleil you find a refreshing, picturesque atmosphere to revitalize your spirits away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are three unique rooms that you can rent on your next stay at Beausoleil and each has its own specific charm. Two, the Master Room and the Garden Room, are luxury accommodations while the Olde Winemaker’s Chamber offers the more simple pleasures that Beausoleil has to offer.

The Master Room is a favorite for honeymooning guests or for couples who are celebrating an extra special occasion. Decorated with mural paintings, a special hand made four poster bed, matching natural blend furniture, a cozy sitting area, and fireplace the room exudes simple elegance and is amazingly comfortable. The en-suite bathroom is recently renovated for luxury and it’s well-equipped with everything you need and expect.

Breakfast is available if desired and house service is always ready. There are also restaurants close by Beausoleil and you can enjoy some of the region’s famous wine and cheese at the local supermarket. In fact, if you are interested in wine tasting, Beausoleil is right in the midst of the R317 wine route and there is a wine cellar at the nearest neighboring estate. Located on the legendary Route62, the town is halfway between Cape Town, Knysna and the Garden Route for your ease and convenience to experience culture, food, history, nature, and relaxation in one breathtaking estate.

Amenities and services

  • Bedding
  • Internet
  • Shower/Bathtub
  • Late Arrival Possible
  • Television

More features

  • Towels
  • Final Cleaning
  • Number Of Rooms
  • Size In Square Meters
  • Water Boiler
  • Fridge
  • Sink
  • Own Key
  • Tax deductible statement
  • Own Toilet
  • Bookable as needed
  • Washing Machine € 6
  • Breakfast €10.59 per person and night


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Sights and transport nearby

Welcome to Bonnievale
Bonnievale is a beautiful community that is perfectly suited for relaxation and comfort. The small farming town is tucked between two mountain ranges, the Swartberg and the Langeberg mountains, and the lush green fields are fed by the Breede River and a series of canals. The land is fertile and soft, producing beautiful fruit, wines, and dairy. This peaceful area calls back to a simpler time and is a perfect getaway destination for anyone who needs a break from busy city life. Just 180 kilometers from Cape Town you can take a quick, relaxing weekend break to prepare you and restore you for the week ahead.
The well-known Robertson Wine Route includes Bonnievale so you can stop in if you’re following that route. We hope that you might choose to stay a little longer to fully take in all that Bonnievale has to offer as you stay in some charming, special Bonnievale accomodations. It’s also located right off of Route 62 if you’re headed in from another direction. This charming oasis is a little less known than other tourist hot-spots so you’ll get a more down-home, quaint feel and get more personal attention with the locals. You can’t beat the superior customer service and charm that Bonnievale has, especially compared to some other overcrowded sites and stays.
There are so many activities to take part in in Bonnievale - if you decide to put down your book under a view of the beautiful lush landscape! There are many tours available throughout the community from wine tasting at vineyards to tours of the property at a running dairy farm. You can learn a little bit more about how your food gets to the table and experience nature up close and personal.
Hiking is another beloved activity with guided 4x4 trails as well as independent hiking and walking areas to explore. You can also ride bikes or just take an easy stroll to get some fresh air and take a look around the serene area. One of the most pleasant charms of Bonnievale is the independence and freedom that you have while exploring it. Don’t get caught up in itineraries and tour schedules, just enjoy all that Bonnievale has to offer while you’re there and keep a fond memory of it when you return home.
Fishermen will find their paradise in Bonnievale where angling and fishing are common activities. There are well-stocked ponds on farms that you can take advantage of or you can spend an afternoon on the Breede River where the views are promised to be breathtaking.
Of course, Bonnievale has other things to offer that you can take advantage of indoors, namely very good food. With fresh produce, cheese, and wines from the surrounding farms your table will be local and crafted to match your specific tastes. In Bonnievale your taste buds can take a delicious adventure and you can meet some of the beautiful residents of the town in the restaurants, cafes, stores, and pubs.
Bonnievale is a true paradise in nature where you can experience something new and beautiful on any level. Known as the ‘Cinderella of the Breede’, it’s a well-kept secret that allows the unique location to preserve its quaint charm.

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