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Frequently asked questions

General questions
How much does it cost?

Our basic service, searching and providing accommodations as well as registration, is free. The accommodation prices we show on our website include the service fee. This is a 15% fee, which is only charged for confirmed reservations. The total rent is paid by the traveler to the host upon arrival.

Where can I use gloveler.com?

You can offer a place to stay anywhere in the world. You will need a bank account, credit card or a PayPal account to book an accommodation.

What kind of accommodation can be offered and booked?
You can offer and book accommodations in these categories:
  • House: The accommodation is a vacation home or something comparable.
  • Apartment: The accommodation includes at least one room of your own and a bath.
  • Room: A lockable room with at least one bed.
  • Couch: Any sleeping space, where the guest does not have his/her own room. This includes airbeds and futons.
  • Other: Any accommodation that does not fit in the other categories. For example house boats.
Is gloveler.com a travel agency?

No. We are only a broker helping travelers and hosts to get in contact. The rental agreement by rights is made between the host and the guest.

Is there any travel insurance provided?

We do not offer any insurance for the host or the traveler at the moment. Please arrange your individual insurance, if you think you need one.

Can travelers bring along guests?

When booking a room, the traveler should specify how many other guests are staying with him or her. The traveler is not allowed to bring more guests than he has stated on booking.

When will the contact information be exchanged between the traveler and the host?

Immediately after the booking process, the host and his guest are provided with each other’s contact information. After that, it is left to their discretion to communicate and arrange the details of the stay.

Questions asked by hosts
How can I be sure that the information my guest provided in his profile is correct?

We encourage our hosts to verify the guest’s identity on arrival. Ask your guest for the booking number and any proof of identity, like his/her passport. Do not let a guest stay unless this information matches his/her profile data.

Do I have to hand over any keys to my guest?

Handing over any keys isn’t mandatory unless you are renting out an apartment. If you do not want to provide your guest with a key, please arrange with him or her the exact access conditions. Please use the description field of your offer to point this out.

May I charge a larger deposit?

If this makes you feel more comfortable, you may charge a larger deposit. You can add the information and the amount when you describe the details of the accommodation. However, please bear in mind that travelers normally don’t carry a great amount of money with them.

My guest didn’t show up. What should I do?

In this case, please inform us immediately. We will contact the guest to find out the reason. For claim for indemnity because of non-fulfillment please get in contact with the traveler.

I am a tenant. Will my landlord allow me to host travelers?

If you want to host guests on a regular basis, discuss this matter with your landlord beforehand. If you only want to sublet on special occasions, like trade fairs, this should not be a problem.

What price can I charge?

It is completely up to you what price you charge for your accommodation. However, we recommend to compare your price with other offerings in your city.

How are the prices calculated?

On your accommodation prices we add our service fee. The 15% fee is charged on the total price, which the guest has to pay after a confirmed booking. You will get your total rent from the guest upon arrival.

Do I have to offer breakfast?

Offering breakfast is optional, but it certainly will make your accommodation more attractive! If you do so, this will be indicated by the breakfast symbol in your offer. You can insert a price for the breakfast in the description of your offer.

Do I have to provide anything?

Basically, for a host it’s adequate to merely offer a sleeping space. However, you may improve the chance of getting booked by offering bed sheets or towels. Such extras can be specified in your offer.

Can I only offer my accommodation on certain dates?

Sure. Feel free to choose any times of availability for your accommodation. It is also possible to change the vacancy status for existing offers.

Can I decline or cancel a booking?

Yes. When offering your accommodation, you can accept or cancel a booking within 24 hours after it was made by the guest. After this period the booking is canceled automatically.

Must I publish pictures of me and my accommodation on the website?

You do not have to publish photos along with your offer. However, doing so will give potential guests a better impression of your accommodation and increase your chance of being booked. Enclosing pictures is free of charge!

Do I have to pay taxes on rental revenues?

The threshold for taxable income and the criteria of something being regarded as an occupation vary from country to country. Please refer to your country's specific rules and talk to your tax accountant.

Can I also use other channels to promote my accommodation?

Yes, you can offer your accommodation through multiple channels. Just make sure that your accommodation has not been booked twice for the same dates (if this happens you can decline a booking during the response time you specified).

Can I edit my listing after I posted it?

Yes, you can edit your listing anytime. Just login with your e-mail address and password to your account and then click on the "paper and pencil" symbol.

Is there an availability calendar?

Yes, you find the calendar after you login to your account by clicking on the tab "availabilities". There you can mark days as not available simply by clicking on the respective days (they will turn red, when clicked).

What happens if my guest damages anything?

In general, your guest is liable for any damage he may cause. For this reason we encourage you to check his ID on arrival. Since gloveler.com only acts as a broker between host and guest, we cannot handle any dispute between guest and host.

What is a last minute booking request?

A last minute request is a booking request for today or tomorrow. The host is notified about the new booking immedieately by SMS and e-mail. As usual the booking is final only after the host confirms it.

Why do I not find my accommodation?

Please check if you have already confirmed your mail-address by clicking on the confirmation-link we send you in a separate mail. You have to pass and save every single step, if you want to create a new listing. If you have just listed a property on gloveler.com, the process may last up to 30min. until the listing is online at the search results page. It also takes some time, if you have just changed your accommodation prices.

What can I do to never miss a booking?

You can use our free SMS-Service, which informs you immediately per SMS, when you got a booking request. In this way you won’t miss any booking.

What happens after a confirmed booking has to be cancelled?

It is only possible to cancel a confirmed booking, if you have made an agreement with your guest. Due to the contract between you and the guest that results after a confirmed booking you have to make an agreement concerning a cancellation fee you would to charge your guest, if necessary.

Questions asked by guests
Are the prices charged per night or per person?

Every host can decide whether to charge a price per night or per person. In case your host charges a price per night, it does not matter how many travelers you book for your stay. However, this number must not exceed the maximum number of guests the host is willing to accept for this accommodation. In case of a price per person, every additional guest will be charged.

Can I cancel a booking?

You may cancel your booking if it hasn't been accepted by the host. If you have to to cancel the booking after the acceptance please get in contact with your host and manage everything with him. However, the service fee you paid is not refunded.

At what time may I arrive at or leave the accommodation?

Please arrange your arrival individually with your host. If you have very special arrival or departure times, please inform the host when booking. If the host did not fix any times in the offer description, you are expected to "check-in" between 4 and 9 PM and to "check-out" before 12 PM noon.

What can I do if my host is not at home when I arrive?

First, try to call your host at the telephone number we provided you with your booking confirmation. If you cannot reach him, contact us on our traveler helpline: +49 721 14505001 and we will try to find an alternative accommodation for you. However, by exchanging some e-mails or calls before arrival, you can reduce the risk of not finding your host. In the rare case that your host, for any reason, cannot accommodate you, the service fee paid on booking will be refunded.

How do I pay my host?

Please pay your host in local currency on arrival.

What payment methods can I use to book an accommodation?

When booking an accommodation and your booking is confirmed by the host you will be charged a service fee (remember: the remaining amount will be paid by you in cash on arrival). We accept payment by credit card, PayPal, debit or direct-debit* ( * only in Germany). We will not charge you until your booking is confirmed by the host or the response time is over.

What can I do, if I am not satisfied with the accommodation?

If you recognise damages and defects please notify ths host immediately, so that he can try to fix them. After your stay you can inform future guest by giving an objective review. If the accommodation does not meet your expectations at all and the description was incorrect you are not obliged to stay there.

Can I ask the host a question before I book?

Yes. You can ask the host questions e.g. when you have an allergy, want to know about special rates for children or you want to bring your pets. Just click on the button "Contact host for questions" that you find on the page with the accommodation details.

Do you have an available room and how much does it cost?

First, try to find an available room by using the detailed accommodation search. If you are not able to find anything suitable you can send us a booking request. Please tell us your destination city, travel period and exact number of persons. Please provide us with a telephone number and e-mail address, so that we can contact you quickly for questions.